Experience : Girlfriend

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Terms & Acronyms : Escorts : GFE – Girlfriend Experience

When booking a GFE session with a PRO, typically it means some form of full-service sex is implied/offered, but for most PROS, the GFE experience goes deeper than that. 

It’s not just about achieving orgasm, it’s about passion and romance, a deeper connection. Rather than focus on a specific list of menu options, the PROS offering a true GFE experience strive to create an intimate connection, where the patron can feel “heard” and “seen” and completely relax and enjoy the connection of two willing adults wishing to share an experience together. 

Kissing, mutual oral, multiple orgasms, caressing, snuggling, and eye contact are commonly advertised as parts of a GFE session – but in no way should they be assumed or made to feel like guarantees or demanded services.  Educated patrons know that every PROS menu is unique, and should be discussed, researched, and communicated with the PRO before any session times are confirmed. 

Of course, the tricky thing about ‘That communication” is –  it does put the PRO and the patron in a position of breaking the law depending on where you live. This is where the nature of T&A or terms and acronyms in our community originated from. In Canada, one of the biggest problems between the professional connection and transaction of a professional service provider and their patron – is the inability to communicate or share information.

Read more about these Illegal therapy sessions and their effects on those with diverse abilities at www.PROS.news


As a whole, the companions offering GFE are very warm-hearted, empathetic, compassionate, and genuine. These PROS are caring service providers who love to pamper people, they are the captains of a fantasy ride, and if you have experienced a true GFE session before, you know what a fun rollercoaster of sensations it can be. 

Newbie Patrons who find themselves researching this very important therapy for the first time will feel overwhelmed. It’s like standing in that lineup to ride a rollercoaster for the first time… butterflies, doubt, feelings of “will I die” and self-reassurance “other people look like they are enjoying it, and didn’t die…”

PROS know that new patrons have a ton of questions, and often have a lot of anxiety about being perceived as kind, considerate, and respectful of PROS’ time, boundaries, and services. Of course some clients of sex workers are disrespectful, violet and

The reasons they are searching out this type of service are often because at home they can feel unappreciated, and disconnected, and do not want to make their partners feel that they need to take care of their physical needs (or simply their partners are unable to).  Patrons searching out a PRO are in need of an escape, and top-level service providers and true GFE providers want to help them achieve it. 

If your relationship has ended or moved into the inevitable “partnership without sex” stage, or if you have never had a true connection and experience with another human on this level,  the GFE experience could be exactly the type of therapy you need.