Professional companions and their supporters have a unique power, we are a wide cross-section of humanity. We are the people in your neighbourhood, diverse in ethnicity, religion, economic standing political stance, quite simply we come from every walk of life, because sexuality affects every adult, at all parts of their life. We also have knowledge and stories to share, and we often see things from different points of view.



#storyPROS ~ Stories by PROS and Patrons. Features to humanize, educate and inspire those who seek to support our unique community.

#prosBIZ : Want to know how to take your business to the next level? PROS get into all the KNOW they can share for helping you maximize your hustle.

#putitinmyMIND :

Books about and for PROS. The community of sex workers and their patrons is diverse. So much great literature has been created to share thought-provoking conversations about SEX, WORK, and everything else between the sheets. Flip through these pro reads, and if you really want to support PROS #putitinmyBAG


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