Red Umbrella Day in Victoria BC YYJ December 17
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Every December 17th in Victoria, BC, and around the whole world, sex workers and their allies get together to march and bring awareness to the need to end violence against sex workers. The international symbol for this cause is the Red Umbrella which is a way for people and local businesses to signal they support these human rights needs.

Join our Team PROS after the march for some social networking, sharing of ideas, and finding out how you can help share the importance of the Red Umbrella every day. We have reserved our favourite table at JR SLIMS in Victoria BC and invite you to join us to share ideas and opinions on how we can achieve destigmatization in our neighbourhoods.

JR Slims has provided specials on Food, Cocktails, and Mocktails – We hope to see you there!!

Red Umbrella March 2022

This past Saturday, the ProsBuzz team took part in the Red Umbrella day March, the March to End Violence Against Sex Workers in Victoria, BC. We proudly marched beside sex workers, loved ones, and allies from Bastion Square to the Downtown Community Centre where we were met with the warmth of a beautiful reception. Here we watched performances, listened to speakers, and ate delicious food.

Spending the day feeling the support of the community, connecting with workers and allies, and living in a judgment-free environment brought the true essence of what Red Umbrella Day is working to make happen 24/7. To everyone who came and supported us, we thank you.
To Peers Victoria who put on the event, we thank you.
To everyone who supported us from afar, we thank you.

At ProsBuzz we will be working towards Ending Violence Against Sex Workers and ending the Destigmatization of Sex Workers all year round.